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SEE OUR CLUB’S ZOOM ID & SCHEDULE ON THE MEETING SCHEDULE PAGE There are numerous apps for participating in remote online meetings, ZOOM happens to be one that gained popularity in our district, if you need help connecting to a Zoom meeting please find useful step-by-step instructions on the ZOOM Help Center website We understand that it will take a little bit to get acclimated and establish regular meeting chairs and returning participants. If a formal chairperson is not present, please use group conscious to conduct the meeting. We encourage everyone to jump in and help others feel comfortable in this alternative space. Tip #1: If connecting from mobile device, download the ZOOM app from the Apple or Google Play store ahead of time, this will save you a step for one-click access when you click the URL above or enter the Meeting ID manually. Tip #2: If connecting from a computer, there is no need to download the Zoom software or create a free account ahead of time. Do try to join the meeting early to allow your browser to download the in-meeting player, type in the Meeting ID, your First Name Last Initial and go. MORE HELP PASSING THE DIGITAL BASKET Some have asked how each meeting can collect funds. The PayPal Meeting Rent buttons found on the Meeting Schedule page and in the side bar (below content on mobile devices) can be used by anyone to make donations directly to the club or help pay for a meetings rent. AA meeting contributions should be collected by the group treasurer and distributed per group conscience. Meetings may decide to create their own digital payment accounts or otherwise make arrangements to collect AA donations.  The treasurer or chairperson that collects the funds can then make payment to the club for meeting rent using the Meeting Rent button. For more tips and suggestions on passing the digital basket please see Winter 2017 Box 459 p. 3 “Passing the Digital Basket and also refer to the helpful tips of AA San Francisco-Martin mentioned in that article.
AA RESOURCES Meetings in Crystal Lake are part of AA Northern Illinois Area 20 District 11. The online and in-person meetings at the Crystal Lake Alano Club and other nearby meetings can be found on the District 11 website. District 11 ONLINE MEETINGS and Resources “Temporary Closures” and Online Meetings are in a searchable format on the “regular” Meeting Schedule-District 11 AA HOTLINE 815-455-3311 (Northern Illinois Area District 11) The Alano Club of Crystal Lake is not endorsed by or affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous, our building rents space to AA groups mentioned in the schedule above to help the building and club exist.  The links to AA and other resources are provided as a courtesy to help carry the message.. Online Meeting Information from GSO and CASO AA related COVID-19 Coronavirus updates are found on You will find step-by-step instructions for Zoom and other popular apps on the Chicago AA Online Meeting Help page and even more info on the General Service Office Website A list of online/remote meetings is available on the Chicago AA Online/Remote meetings page has suggestions and more information about conducting online meetings, protecting anonymity, etc. Additional Online Meetings in US and across the globe is available On the Online AA Intergroup Website
NOTE FROM THE MANAGEMENT TEAM (ORIGINALLY POSTED IN THE CLAC PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP) “Please Read – Crystal Lake Alano Club (CLAC) COVID-19 Pandemic – UPDATE #3 Crystal Lake Alano Club Management Team – Sunday March 22, 2020 The CLAC Management Team met tonight via conference call to discuss whether or not the CLAC should remain open during the “Stay at Home Order” issued by Governor JB Pritzker on March 20, 2020 and remains in effect through April 7th [or further notice]. First, in effort to clear up any confusion that has transpired over the course of the past 48 hours…..The Governor’s Executive Order #10, did determine that the CLAC is an “Essential business” (as the CLAC provides space to hold AA / NA addiction recovery meetings) and could remain open, and persons within the state could freely venture to the CLAC for this essential service provided. (To be clear, this is a “stay at home order” and not a complete “lockdown” – there is big difference yet this seemed to cause confusion among the patrons of the CLAC and on the CLAC Private Facebook site.) Nonetheless, while there has been a great amount in support of the CLAC staying open, there has also been a great amount of backlash with misinterpreted information. The volunteer CLAC Management Team simply does not have the volunteers / bandwidth to handle, especially during these difficult times. Even more importantly the management team took a hard look at the statistics; current COVID-19 cases within Illinois as well as other areas of our country and around the world to see trends and make truly informed decisions for the welfare of all.  While we truly want to doors of AA to be open to those who need it, please know this decision did not come lightly, and we unanimously agreed that we feel a moral and social responsibility to protect the welfare of the community as whole, the members of the CLAC and all AA / NA meeting attendees.  It is with a heavy heart that the CLAC Management Team has decided to close its doors effective immediately through April 7th This continues to be a fluid situation and dates of closure are subject to change. We appreciate your continued support as we all continue to navigate this extremely difficult situation. Remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Please keep reading….. It is our understanding the MAC (McHenry Alano Club) remains in an “OPEN status.” (As of March 30, 2020 the MAC closed its doors) The McHenry Alano Club can be reached at 815-385-5459 409 Front St., McHenry, IL Furthermore, if you are in immediate need and at risk of drinking, please reach out to any of the following: AA NIA (Northern Illinois Area) 24 HOTLINE:  815-455-3311 AA NIA Website: CHICAGO AREA AA – 24 HOUR HOTLINE:  312-346-1475 Chicago area Website: Crystal Lake Alano Club Member:  Jack G. at 815-354-5812 Crystal Lake Alano Club Member:  Chris F. at 815-388-2798 Additionally, ZOOM Virtual Meeting information will be added here [facebook) and these notices will be posted on the doors of the CLAC. More updates will be provided as additional information becomes available. Stay well keep each other close, albeit virtually. Sincerely, The CLAC Management Team”