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Columbus Wallace/Alano Club restoration project
Please consider donating to help save the building!

Progress is being made on the much needed repairs thanks to the help and financial donations received so far however much more is still needed to be done. Scroll down to see status of the fundraising efforts and project status.The following links and the similar links below the sidebar menu are for DONATIONS ONLY to the COLUMBUS WALLACE HOUSE REPAIR FUND (Alano Club Of Crystal Lake 501c3). If you want to make a payment for membership dues, literature, or other club purchase or a donation/contribution for other specific use/purpose, please use the payment buttons above or bring payment to the club in person and be sure the purpose is indicated with your payment.

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Columbus Wallace House Fundraising and Project Status

Columbus Wallace House
Circa 1851, McHenry County Historic building dedicated 1991.

UPDATE 9/6/19 By the end of 2019, we will pretty well be done with the exterior portion of the Columbus Wallace House building project, thanks to donated funds and those businesses that also helped us. Special thanks to Field Construction, and Parochelli Masonry. Additional interior work will continue.

2019-2020, we will turn our concentration and efforts to upgrade our parking lot. The Alano Club owns the parking lot on the east side of the building, down to the peninsula. The other half of the lot including the lot in the back is shared ownership by Wolf Realty/ Alano. According to Don Wolf, neither lot has been repaved since he bought the property in the late 1970’s. We have had a couple of quotes done, and the portion we own, will run at $40,000.

Jack G, will again chair the position of chairman, along with Lisa S. and Bobby G. Our goal is to reach outside the Club, and try to gain funds to pay for the project. As with the restoration project, the Club will run special events, and it is encouraged to have individuals also take a look at their finances to see if they would like to have a Tax deduction, for 2019 or 2020. The Alano Club is a 501C3 Illinois corporation. We are recognized by the States Attorney to be able to take donations in the state of Illinois. You can donate, in increments of $250.00, 500.00 and $1000.00, and get your contribution recognized on a plaque in the main entrance of the Club.

Thank you for your support. Donations may be made using PayPal links for Columbus Wallace on this page and also checks may be dropped in the safe at the Alano Club made out to Alano Club Of Crystal Lake.

SUCCESS!! The initial fundraiser goal of was reached!!
Though we still need your help!

UPDATE: 4/3/16 Fundraising for phase 1 of repairs is successful we have passed the $17,500 goal!!  This is a great start as we will also be receiving matching funds ($17,500) from the McHenry County Mental Health Board which was the goal of this fundraising drive.

Of course there is still much work to be done, fundraising, although a monumental effort, is just a start.  Then after the 1st phase we will still have much more repairs to tackle, but based on this effort, and your continued support, we will reach the ultimate goal of restoring the Columbus Wallace house!

To donate please use the links below the page menu or in the comments above).

UPDATE: 3/30/16 We had a successful Dinner Fundraiser on the 19th and other successful efforts raising funds and are very near our goal having passed the $16000 mark!  Thanks to all who have donated so far!  Please consider donating today to help us reach our goal of $17,500 which will help with initial repairs to the Columbus Wallace house!
To donate please use the links below the page menu or in the comments above).

UPDATE: 2/14/16 Progress passed the $6000 mark!  Thanks to all who have donated so far!  Although we still have a ways to go, this is obviously a great start 🙂

The Columbus Wallace house is one of the few remaining structures of its type in McHenry County, and is the oldest standing home in Crystal Lake. Today the Columbus Wallace House is owned by the Alano Club of Crystal Lake.  We our a non-profit Illinois based 501(c)3 corporation, EIN 26-1733495.

We rent space in this home to 12-step recovery groups.  There are currently over 20 meetings held at the Columbus Wallace House with approximately 350 to 400 visitors in and out of this beautiful building every week.

Our building is in desperate need of repairs. This place offers a safe haven environment for those seeking to live and enjoy a new sober life attained by practicing the principals of a recovery program.  Our hope is to keep this building available for those who seek this new life of sobriety for many years to come,  To accomplish that we need your assistance.

Please consider a tax deductible donation IN ANY AMOUNT to the beautiful piece of historic Crystal Lake architecture.  Consult a tax advisor or accountant to determine and TAX DEDUCTIBLE benefits.  All monies will be used to restore this grand old home.  If you are able to donate a minimum of $250, your generosity will be acknowledged on a permanent plaque which will be predominantly displayed in a foyer of our building.  There will be spaces available to recognize those who donate, $250, $500, or $1000.

Your contribution to help save the historic Columbus Wallace Home, and allow a piece of Crystal Lake architectural history to remain open and structurally sound, is appreciated by so many people who count on this building to house their hope of recovery.

Thank you so very much!