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Welcome to the Alano Club of Crystal Lake’s eBulletin Board.
Check out the calendar for upcoming events for the club and in the area.
Other club updates and whatnot including notes on changes to this site may be posted on this page, too… so please visit again (scroll past calendar for more)

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If you have one of your own Club or AA related event to announce feel free to submit the information (PDF or Word Doc/DocX files preferred) to the Webmaster@CrystalLakeAlano.org and we will add it to the calendar of events. (Of course, all submissions are subject to approval of the board).

You’ll also find AA related events on the AA NIA District 11 website events page and the Northern Illinois Area 20 website events page websites.
(note these other web pages are not affiliated with the Alano Club of Crystal Lake in any way – the links are posted for convenience.  Similarly, the events posted and details provided above are not sponsored by the Alano Club (except as noted) and please contact the event organizers for more details and updates.


62 comments on “Bulletin Board (Events)
  1. Web Master says:

    Added area 20 assembly conference and preconference and Old Timers Brunch to Events Bulletin Board.

  2. Web Master says:

    added 46th annual women’s luncheon speaker meeting to events (April 2020)

  3. Web Master says:

    Added membership meeting on 3/29 to Bulletin Board

  4. Web Master says:

    Added event Night out at the Dole Mansion occurring on 1/18/2020.

  5. Web Master says:

    Added New Year’s Eve Open House – Club is open 24 Hours!

  6. Web Master says:

    Added An Evening with The King Columbus Wallace House Repairs & Restorations Fundraiser February 22 to Events.

  7. Web Master says:

    Added Christmas Eve Open House to Events. CLUB IS OPEN 24 HOURS!

  8. Web Master says:

    Added AA Area 20 Winter Assembly to Events (December 7, 2019) and updated District 11 GSR meeting time to 7PM starting January 2, 2020. Rescheduled date of December District 11 GSR meeting to December 12, 2019 (was 12/5/19).

  9. Web Master says:

    Added Thanksgiving Open House Feast event November 28.

  10. Web Master says:

    updated meeting schedule page. removed Friday 730pm Narcotics Anonymous – Open Discussion that is no longer active.

  11. Web Master says:

    Added Halloween Party Event at Crystal Lake Alano Club on 10/26.

  12. Web Master says:

    Added Alano Club of Crystal Lake Fall Cookout 10/5, added Saturday Night at the Dole 10/19, added SoberFest 11/22 through 11/24. More events to be added soon – Halloween Party, Thanksgiving and more!

  13. Web Master says:

    Added Columbus Wallace/Alano Club restoration project updates to payment/donations page under Fundraising and Project Status.

  14. Web Master says:

    added event – Hawaiian Night Speaker meeting 7/27/19

  15. Web Master says:

    Updated club meeting schedule and Added NEW Closed AA meeting Sundays 7:30PM “There Is A Solution”

  16. Web Master says:

    added event – Italian Night July 20, 2019

  17. Web Master says:

    added bags tournament for june 8, 2019

  18. Web Master says:

    Monthly board meeting for May 2019 rescheduled for today May 6th instead of May 13th

  19. Web Master says:

    corrected title of May 18, 2019 Step 6 &7 Workshop (was incorrect as step 4 which I used as template – oops!)

    Also added local event Saturday Night Out at Dole Quarterly meeting April 20.2019

  20. Web Master says:

    added step 6 & 7 workshop to events may 18 2019

  21. Web Master says:

    Board meeting for April 2019 rescheduled

  22. Web Master says:

    Added Fellowship Bowling to Events

  23. Web Master says:

    New AA meeting added to schedule Getting Ready For The Weekend starting February 22, 2019

  24. Web Master says:

    Updated event Saturday Night Out Quarterly (at Dole). Added main speaker and flyer

  25. Web Master says:

    corrected event time of the quarterly Night out at Dole. flyer and details were correct. the time in quick reference showed as 702am by mistake. meeting doors open at 7PM- its “night out…”

    Any time you notice errors or inconsistencies please contact this website webmaster (hey, that’s me!) or the event contacts directly.

  26. Web Master says:

    added Superbowl party February 3rd 2019

  27. Web Master says:

    fixed link to event details for Jan 12, 2019 step 4 workshop and uploaded August 2019 annual club picnic tentative info

  28. Web Master says:

    Kids Christmas was a fun day for all! Thanks to all who came to visit Santa!! Lots of pictures and other stories shared in our private “The CLAC Official Group” on Facebook.com.

    Note: to help retain anonymity of those in AA and other 12 step recovery we do not post photos or full names of members on our website. If you are in recovery feel free to ask to be invited to the Facebook group. Who to ask? Well, ask anyone you meet at the Alano Club of Crystal Lake and if they aren’t already in the group, you both can ask a board member – this is all about fellowship, so don’t be afraid to mingle 🙂

  29. Web Master says:

    Added a couple more events in the area (or sort of) Hinckley Big Book Pork Chop Dinner Speaker Meeting January 26, 2019 and February 17, 2019 Old Timers Brunch in Wauconda.

  30. Web Master says:

    added a couple local events – Night out at Dole and a True Ambition Spiritual Retreat in January

  31. Web Master says:

    added 4th step workshop to events jan 12 2019

  32. Web Master says:

    uploaded Thanksgiving and Christmas event flyers on the events page

  33. Web Master says:

    updated meeting schedule – Saturday Night Speaker meeting starts at 7:30PM (doors open at 7PM).
    Updated Event Halloween Speaker Meeting Oct 27 – added note doors stay open until 10PM

  34. Web Master says:

    added 2 new AA meetings to schedule. Wednmsdays at noon.
    Saturday Speaker Meeting at 7PM doors open 6:30pm stay and socialize after meeting!

  35. Web Master says:

    updated monthly meeting date for May to May 7th change is just for this month.

  36. Web Master says:

    changed look of site (new theme and tweaked order of payment widgets that show on right side of a computer/large screen or at bottom of mobile/small screens). Always a work in progress, suggests and comments welcome 🙂

  37. Web Master says:

    Our website was offline unexpectedly for about 1 week(Domain registration issues) – hopefully that won’t happen again! Today updated calendar of events – May 26th speaker meeting – still tentative – was previously May 5th. Updated meeting schedule – removing 8:30PM Thursday meeting that fizzled out and added Thursday 8PM and 8:30AM Men’s meetings (Enchanted Cottage) that relocated from Park Place in Crystal Lake.
    Tweaked setting of schedule table format so it will not squeeze columns to fit screen (with text wrap it was very hard to read), so now need to scroll left and right to see all days, but each column ease easier to read. Still not perfect, so likely will redesign in near future.

  38. Web Master says:

    Updated calendar on Bulletin Board page – Life-time members luncheon – new date April 29th, 2018 still tentative

  39. Web Master says:

    Added several events to this Bulletin Board (events page) including Board meeting date change for February, Membership Meeting in March, Life-time luncheon (Tentative April), and member drive speaker meeting (Tenative May) and Annual Picnic (August)

  40. Web Master says:

    Corrected meeting schedule. Friday 7pm OPEN Discussion Narcotics Anonymous meeting was misentered under Saturday.
    Added NEW Monday NA Step Meeting “Promise Is Freedom” 7PM upstairs

  41. Web Master says:

    Meeting removed from schedule – Saturday 9PM Solution Run Riot Speaker Meeting Open (104623) due to lack of attendance. There have been a scattered few showing up but there has been no contact from a chairperson or meeting contact for several weeks.

  42. Web Master says:

    Updated the Contact Us page to display email addresses for those who do not have an app that will work with the links. I have space before and after the @ symbol in address to try to minimize harvesting by spammers.
    Some other minor updates.

  43. Web Master says:

    2017 JUNE AND JULY board meetings have been rescheduled to June 5th and July 31st. No meeting in August. Return to regular meeting schedule in September, 2nd Monday 9/11/17

  44. Web Master says:

    We expect to meet again in May.
    If you are a member please consider becoming a board member, it is membership that keeps the club alive!
    If you are not a member, please consider becoming one. Membership helps keep the doors open for other visitors!

  45. Web Master says:

    1. March 2017 Monthly Board meeting has been rescheduled – moved up 1 week to March 6th to work around schedule conflicts.
    2. Added March 26th 12 noon Meeting of the Members to the Events Schedule
    3. Thursday 7PM Women’s meeting “Woman’s Way Through 12 Steps” has been cancelled and removed from meeting schedule.

  46. Web Master says:

    Alano Club Of Crystal Lake mentioned on the McHenry County Mental Health Board webpage of “Featured Funded Agencies”

    Funds from the Board along with other Alano Club Fundraising events are helping us fulfill the goal to repair/restore the Alano Club building (aka Columbus Wallace House). If fundraising continues to succeed this year, we will receive additional grant from MHB putting us on target to be funded for over 90% of original quoted restoration!

  47. Web Master says:

    Although the Alano Club of Crystal Lake has traditionally been hosting Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, it is open to Alanon and Alateen and will be home to a NEW OPEN Narcotics Anonymous starting Friday 1/20/17

  48. Web Master says:

    added flyer for the upcoming new meeting on Sunday mornings “Dew Drop In”… you can also view the flyer on the event page in the calendar above (1st meeting is Jan 15, 2017)
    New Sunday Meeting Flyer

  49. Web Master says:

    added new flyer for the January 7, 2017 Talent Show on Events page.
    added new Sunday morning meeting to Meeting Schedule page – the meeting 1st meets January 15, 2017

  50. Web Master says:

    Added new Women’s meeting to Meeting Schedule Thursday’s 7PM “Woman’s Way Through 12 Steps”

  51. Web Master says:

    Monthly meeting date changed for October to the 24th. Added Thanksgiving day dinner. Added January “We Got Talent” contest.

  52. Web Master says:

    Updated meeting schedule page. Revised several meeting names/topics and removed Tuesday 8:30PM

  53. Web Master says:

    Updated the Make a Payment page to include separate custom payment button for Membership. This was to avoid confusion with literature button over purpose of payment. Also added the unsubscribe button related to automatic payments.

    On home page replaced link to paypal for membership payment with link to Make A Payment page.

  54. Web Master says:

    Added a Make A Payment page since some devices do not display the sidebar menu.
    Updated the comments to point out the use of the Literature button for making custom dollar amount payments – the pull down menu was set for standard amounts, and did not have option for “odd” amounts for late payments or specials, etc.
    Added comment to Ice Cream Social – to point out the payment buttons for those who want to pay for the event or want to renew membership in advance.

  55. Web Master says:

    Updated flyer for May 14th Ice Cream Social. The membership drive dates are extended – maybe some other info – come on get social and enjoy some ice cream while your at it!

  56. Web Master says:

    I added links to email address for all board members and moved the board members page contents onto the Contact Us page.
    Also fixed issue with Google Map which had wrong file location for the bouncing pin info.

  57. Web Master says:

    New Saturday 9PM Open Speaker meeting (Solution Run Riot) has been added to the schedule – 1st meeting is tomorrow 4/23/16!
    More details including name, etc may be posted on site later, but better yet, come to the meeting and fill a seat.
    Saturdays have been void of a meeting for quite a while, so its good to have a new meeting fill the slot!

    If you have a meeting that needs a home, please contact the club board to inquire about available space, rent, and more info.

  58. Web Master says:

    Just a note to say thanks again to all who donated time, effort and money to the Fundraising to save the Columbus Wallace house. We have enough to start phase 1 of repairs, thanks in huge part to the matching grant of $17,500 from the McHenry County Mental Health Board. That was the goal of the initial fund raising efforts and it was definitely SUCCESSFUL!
    If you’d like more information about the McHenry County Mental Health Board, please visit the health board’s webpage on the McHenry County website.

    Of course there is still much work to be done, fundraising, although a monumental effort, is just a start- and funding will continue to be needed beyond phase 1 of repairs. So please keep on sharing our need and contribute when you can. Thanks again to all who helped so far towards restoring the Columbus Wallace house!

  59. Web Master says:

    Updated board member list – one open position.
    added note about upcoming new Saturday 9PM speaker meeting expected 1st meeting 4/23/16- full details to be announced in near future.

  60. Web Master says:

    Posted newly elected board members (March elections were postponed until 4/3 because of Easter). Members present elected new President (Karrie T), Vice President (Jack G), Treasurer (Carrie W.), Membership (Ivy K), and 2 additional directors (Chris W, and Mike D).
    I updated the status on the fundraiser (previously I updated but forgot to mention the change here in my notes).
    You’ll see updates on the home page, including a new post today about reaching initial goal of matching funds $17,500. Fundraiser chart is a little behind representing $16,000 mark. Thanks to all who contributed time, money, and effort so far!!

  61. Web Master says:

    I added several area events today.
    Upcoming planned events to be added in the future – check back for more details!
    -Club picnic in August 2016
    -A golf outing fundraiser – details to be determined.
    -Casino/Poker Night – details to be determined.

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